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Compliance and Benchmark Audits


We offer a variety of audit options for your business.  Regardless of the size of your business, you need to ensure you are compliant with government regulations and operating with the best HR practices to help you achieve maximum productivity and profitability.  One way HR serves as a Strategic Business Partner is through running an efficient and effective HR function.


Each of our audits are conveniently online for your use.  Or, you can give us a call and we will assist you and facilitate your audit on site, make recommendations, work with you to create a strategic plan and/or help design, develop and implement solutions.


  • Basic Compliance Audit
  • Potential Liability Issues
  • 30 Day Access to Audit & Reports
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  • 9 Sections & 250+ Questions
  • 60 Day Access to Audit Modules
  • Audit Reviewed By The Virtual HR Director
  • 60 Days of Email Support
  • 1 Year Access to Audit Results & Reports
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Comprehensive Audit Free
  • Added safety modules for Drivers, First Responders, Hearing Protection, Industrial Equipment and Affirmative Action
  • 90 Day Access to Audit Modules
  • Audit Reviewed by The Virtual HR Director
  • 90 Days of Email support
  • 1 Year Access to Audit Results & Reports
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Small Business Compliance and Risk Audit


Many small businesses have limited resources to perform the HR responsibilities within the organization. Without someone understanding and looking at compliance, the business is financially at risk. A couple of non-compliant areas can wipe out the all of the annual profits.


As a service to small business, The Virtual HR Director offers a COMPLIMENTARY Compliance and Risk audit. There are 23 audit areas that all businesses, regardless of size must satisfy. Click on the tab below and determine if your business satisfies basic compliance areas. If you need help understanding the question or need help getting compliant, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you in mitigating all of your business risks. Give us a call to discuss which option is the best one for your business.


Compliance & Benchmark Practices Complete Audit


The Compliance & Benchmark Practices Complete Audit is the perfect audit for organizations of all sizes. This audit will assist you in develop your HR function into a strategic and tactical value add for your organization. The audit looks at all of the HR compliance areas and will assist you ensuring your HR processes are meeting or exceeding industry standards.


Our Compliance & Benchmark Practices Complete Audit is an excellent teaching tool for NEW HR Directors and Managers, CFO’s and Controllers responsible for HR, and CEO’s who don’t have an HR Director and want to know how HR fits into the organization.


There are 9 audit sections, 40 sub-sections and over 250 audit items. This audit will help you identify your HR initiatives, projects and programs to become the type of HR department that will add value to your organization.


Comprehensive Compliance & Benchmark Practices Audit


Our Comprehensive Compliance & Benchmark Practices Audit is the best audit available. This premier audit has over 290 audit items and will help your organization mitigate risks, become compliant and create strategies to achieve benchmark HR practices.


In addition to the having all of the audit areas contained in the Comprehensive & Benchmark Practices Complete Audit, the Comprehensive Compliance & Benchmark Practices Audit looks at OFCCP and Affirmative Action Compliance, Hazardous Material First Responders, Hearing Conservation, DOT – Driver Safety, DOT – Driver Qualifications, DOT – Drug & Alcohol Protocol, Industrial Equipment.

Complimentary HR Needs Assessment

Do you fear your business is out of compliance? Are you getting the best performance out of your team?


Contact us for a complimentary needs assessment.


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