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Project Management

If you have a project and would like someone to  manage the project for you, we provide project management services.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The two biggest reasons why most mergers and acquisitions fail are because of language and culture.  HR should be involved in the front end of your merger and acquisition discussions.  We will perform the HR due-diligence.  We will look at and compare organization philosophies, compensation philosophies, compliance issues, organizational policies, and benefit liabilities.  We can help you create a communication plan for a smoother transition, cultural integration plan to help people understand how to play better and a plan to help with employee transitions.


Corporate/Company/Organizational Sustainability  can be confusing and often over used.   Organization’s that embrace sustainability initiatives have an  opportunity to enhance public perception and their reputation.  Sustainability concepts are aligned with the  total quality management practices, six-sigma and lean.  Reducing waste, protecting assets, reducing  employee injuries, implementing certain “green” processes are all a part of  sustainability initiatives.  We don’t  have all of the answers but we can assist you in developing a sustainability  strategy and set sustainability goals.

Complimentary HR Needs Assessment

Do you fear your business is out of compliance? Are you getting the best performance out of your team?


Contact us for a complimentary needs assessment.


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